MIT/CTP Particle/Nuclear Theory Seminars

Spring 2009

All seminars take place in the CTP seminar room Mondays at 2:00 pm. In special cases some seminars may also be held on Tuesdays at 2:00pm or 4:00pm .

Organizing group: Harvey Meyer, Roman Jackiw, and Alejandro Jenkins

Date Speaker Contact E-mail address comment
Feb. 02 no seminar Registration day
Feb. 09 David Shih Krishna dshih [at]
Feb. 16 no seminar Presidents Day
Feb. 17 Jesse Thaler Krishna jthaler [at] Note special day (Tues.)
Feb. 23 Harvey Meyer Krishna meyerh [at]
Mar. 02 Asimina Arvanitaki Krishna aarvanitaki [at]
Mar. 09 Alex Friedland Alejandro friedland [at]
Mar. 16 Natalia Toro Krishna ntoro [at]
Mar. 23 no seminar Spring Break
Mar. 30 Sonny Mantry Iain mantry [at]
Apr. 06 Jessie Shelton Wati jshelton [at]
Apr. 13 Edward Shuryak Harvey shuryak [at]
Apr. 20 no seminar Patriots Day
Apr. 22 David B. Kaplan Iain dbkaplan [at] Wed, 11.30 *special time*
Apr. 28 Lian-Tao Wang Alejandro lianwang [at] Tue, 11.30 *special time*
May 04 Antti Niemi Roman Antti.Niemi [at]
May 11 David Morrissey Alejandro dmorriss [at]
May 18 no seminar Final exams
May 25 no seminar Memorial Day
Jun. 01 no seminar 4th year grades meeting

Outstanding Invitations:  Nicola Khuri, David E. Kaplan, Freddie Cachazo

Local Visitor Possibilities: 

Visitor Dates (maintained by Joyce)

Past Joint Particle/Nuclear Seminars: Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008

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