Janet Conrad

Where's Janet????

In this photo, I am sitting in
The Fermilab Cockroft-Walton,
but, usually, I am found elsewhere...

The best way to reach me (by far!) is by email: conrad at mit.edu
Although I have recently moved to MIT, my other email addresses will continue to work

  • Whereabouts at MIT:

  • Whereabouts at Fermilab:
    • Office: WH10W
    • Mailing address: MS 309, PO Box 500, Batavia IL 60510
    • Address for non-PO deliveries: MS 309, Fermilab, Corner of Kirk and Pine Roads, Batavia IL 60510
    • Phone: 630-840-3077
    • MS 309, PO BOx 500, Batavia IL 60510