TM, The Turing Machine Interpreter

David S. Woodruff

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TM is a Turing Machine Interpreter written in C. With it you can create, alter and run turing machines. To see how TM works, start with the Sample TM runs.

It supports a single list of turing machine commands (in quintuple form) and a single tape.

A turing machine command list may be entered interactively or from a file.

It supports 'macros'. Macros may be entered interactively or from a file.

TM has a carefully designed user interface, and a VMS-like 'help' utility.


The entire package is available for downloading here as a tar file. The tar file contains source files, example files, the TM Manual and the version history. The Sample TM runs and the 'More examples' folder are not in the tar file.

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