The Conrad Research Group


Our group in 2019

Our group in 2019! Back row: Janet Conrad, Len Bugel, Jarrett Moon, Medani Sangroula, Daniel Winklehner, Lauren Yates, Polina Abratenko, Spencer Axani, Carlos Arguelles; Front row: Alex Diaz, Marjon Moulai, Loyd Waites, Joe Smolsky, Philip Weigel, Adrien Hourlier


We are seeking a graduate student (subject to funding) for our program, to begin in Fall 2021. We will have an opening on our LAr-based experiments, especially focusing on machine learning. We are transitioning from MicroBooNE (now) to DUNE (data taking in far detector in 2028) by way of a small, highly directed experiment to search for Beyond Standard Model Physcics at Los Alamos, called CCM (data taking in 2022-25). If you want to learn more about being a graduate student in this group, click here.

Grad Students:

  • Spencer Axani -- IsoDAR/IceCube
  • Alejandro Diaz -- IceCube
  • Nicholas Kamp -- MicroBooNE
  • Marjon Moulai -- IceCube
  • Joe Smolsky -- IsoDAR
  • Loyd Waits -- IsoDAR
  • Philip Weigel -- IceCube
  • Lauren Yates -- MicroBooNE
  • David Vannerom -- IceCube
  • Austin Schneider -- LAr Experiments
  • Daniel Winklehner -- IsoDAR and DAEδALUS
  • Retired high school teacher and mechanical engineer: Len Bugel-- primarily LAr R&D
  • Accelerator physicist: Jose Alonso -- IsoDAR and DAEδALUS

Awards in past 5 years...

  • Nick Kamp --NSF Graduate Fellow, 2020-2023
  • Joe Smolsky --NSF Graduate Fellow, 2019-2022
  • Ben Jones -- Tanaka Dissertation Award, 2017
  • Gabriel Collin -- MIT Martin Deutch Award, 2016
  • Gabriel Collin -- American Australian Association Fellow , 2016
  • Marjon Moulai --NSF Graduate Fellow, 2015-2018

Left our group within the past few years:

  • Carlos Arguelles -- Faculty at Harvard University as of July, 2017. Collaborating with us on IceCube
  • Taritree Wongjirad -- Faculty at Tufts University as of July, 2017. Collaborating with us on MicroBooNE
  • Gabriel Collin -- Graduated in June, 2018. Now with a joint appointment in statistics and particle astrophysics at MIT.

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