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For Fall 2018, we are seeking a graduate student for our IceCube program.
We are seeking a grad student interested in beyond Standard Model Searches using the IceCube data. Please note that our IceCube group is in residence in Wisconsin, at the data center for the experiment. So you would move to this center in Madison, to join the rest of our IceCube group, after completing classes.

Upper Year Grad Students:

  • Spencer Axani -- IsoDAR/IceCube
  • Gabriel Collin -- IceCube/MicroBooNE
  • Alejandro Diaz -- MicroBooNE/MiniBooNE
  • Marjon Moulai -- IceCube
  • Jarrett Moon -- MicroBooNE/LAr R&D
  • Lauren Yates -- MicroBooNE
First Year Grad Students:
  • Joe Smolsky -- IsoDAR
  • Loyd Waits -- IsoDAR
  • Carlos Arguelles -- IceCube and phenomenology
  • Adrien Hourlier -- MicroBooNE
  • Daniel Winklehner -- IsoDAR and DAEδALUS
  • Jesus Corona -- IsoDAR
  • John Heyer -- IceCube
  • Antonella Masini -- MicroBooNE
  • Laurel Wright -- MicroBooNE
  • Retired high school teacher and mechanical engineer: Len Bugel-- primarily LAr R&D
  • Accelerator physicist: Jose Alonso -- IsoDAR and DAEδALUS

Recent Awards...

  • Ben Jones -- Tanaka Dissertation Award, 2017
  • Gabriel Collin -- MIT Martin Deutch Award, 2016
  • Gabriel Collin -- American Australian Association Fellow , 2016
  • Marjon Moulai --NSF Graduate Fellow, 2015-2018

Recently left the group, but remain close collaborators:

  • Josh Spitz -- new faculty at U. Michigan as of July, 2015. Collaborating with us on MicroBooNE/IsoDAR
  • Matt Toups -- now an Assoc. Scientist at Fermilab as of August, 2015. Collaborating with us on MicroBooNE and LAr R&D (SBND/DUNE)
  • Ben Jones -- graduated in August, 2015. New faculty at UT Arlington as of Sept 2016. Collaborating with us on IceCube. Also on NEXT
  • Taritree Wongjirad -- New faculty at Tufts University as of July, 2017. Collaborating with us on MicroBooNE

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