Lepton-Quark Studies Group, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, M.I.T.

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2 August 2007

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Our goal is to increase understanding of the physics of the Standard Model and its manifestation in the production and decay of heavier quark mesons and resonances and in the interactions of neutrinos. We are also engaged in research leading to direct detection of Dark Matter. While pursuing these physics goals, we educate and train students and postdoctoral researchers. Our research commitments are the BaBar experiment running at the PEP II B-factory at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in California, the ATLAS experiment preparing to run at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, and the development of a novel Dark Matter directional detector.

Dark Matter



Former Experiments

Who we are

Faculty and Staff

Ray F. Cowan Principal Research Scientist rfc@slac.stanford.edu
Denis Dujmic Postdoctoral Fellow ddujmic@mit.edu
Peter Fisher Professor of Physics fisherp@mit.edu
Jocelyn Monroe Pappalardo Fellow jmonroe@mit.edu
Gabriella Sciolla Assistant Professor sciolla@slac.stanford.edu
Frank E. Taylor Senior Research Scientist fet@mitlns.mit.edu
Richard K. Yamamoto Professor of Physics rky@mitlns.mit.edu

Graduate Students

Shawn Wesley Henderson shawnh@mit.edu
Asher C. Kaboth akaboth@mit.edu
Min Liang Zhao minliang@slac.stanford.edu

Undergraduate Students

Brett Cornell bcornell@fas.harvard.edu
William Fedus liamb315@mit.edu
Mary-Irene Lang milang@mit.edu
Ana-Maria A Piso apiso@mit.edu
Alexandra S. Rahlin sanya17@mit.edu
Timur C. Sahin tcsahin@mit.edu
Hayk Yegoryan hayky@mit.edu

Recent Past Members

Yi Zheng, Stephen J. Sekula, Karsten Koeneke, Michael A. Spitznagel, Molly G. Bright, Ming Yi, Oliver Bardon, Benjamin P. Brau, Danning Dong, David G. Fernie, Vincenzo Lia, Jim Quigley, Eric Torrenece